With its proven experience in electrochemistry, ECS has developped trusted partnerships in numerous business sectors.

In our unceasing quest to find new applications, we adapt and enhance our knowledge through the different projects that we take on.

Our expertise is based on a range of skills in order to better serve the needs of our customers.

Expert knowledge and advice

Our experience means that we can advise and guide our customers in the definition of their specifications whilst taking into account the technical and economic requirements and constraints. Through close collaboration with our customers, we can offer customized solutions with the necessary confidentiality.


Our production workshop means we can offer bespoke products and react quickly to requests from our customers.


As part of our quality approach, we conform to the manufacturing requirements and each of our products is checked to ensure that an optimal level of quality is guaranteed.

Research and innovation

We offer research and development services ranging from the creation of specifications to the prototyping and design of a new product. Our laboratory enables us to offer analysis and design services such as polarization curves, analysis and monitoring of the COD, etc.


ECS is committed to research through its participation in European projects.