ECS carries a permanent stock of anodes and can offer its customers innovative solutions suited to each project. Customer focus and the development of close customer collaboration are essential to the creation of a bespoke product to fulfil a specific requirement.

The sectors of application developed by ECS are varied and reflect the wide-ranging versatility of our expertise.

Swimming pool Applications

Advice on the design of electrolyzers for all types of swimming pool - inground, above ground, private or public – based on the water chlorination process.

Cell optimisation and development: specific analysis during implementation, accelerated laboratory testing, full-scale trials.

Hygiene/Water treatment Applications – Anodes for pollution control

Design and creation of manufacturing prototypes for electrolytic cells used in water treatment. Production of stored or diluted chlorine, sterilisation and production of drinking water.

Participation in numerous national and European research projects supported and co-financed by the European Community (enviredox, zero plus, cotedem, etc.)

Surface treatment

Design and creation of made-to-measure anodes for industry and for the manufacturers of products used in surface treatment : electroplating, electrophoresis, cataphoresis, etc.

Cathodic protection

Advice on the sizing of cathodic protection installations and supply of LIDA® anodes. Multiple anode configurations available: wire, tube, string, mesh, ribbon, strip, disk, etc., suitable for all types of electrolyte: sea water, fresh water, sols, sludge, concrete.

Member of the French Centre for Anticorrosion, Cefracor.

Metallization by thermal spraying

Mobile spraying equipment for use on site or in ECS workshops. Maintenance and reconditioning of industrial equipment and metallic infrastructure (bridges, balconies, machine-tools, etc.).